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1. Compulotto: Lottery Analysis
Lottery Solution to Winning the Daily Lotteries

2. DINERO lottery software pattern
DINERO is a spreadsheet lottery software program for each state lotto pattern

3. File Transit Inc. - Freeware, Shareware and Demo Software Downloads
Lotto Number Generators for Windows

4. Gail Howard's Smart Luck lottery software and lottery books
Gail Howard is universally recognized as the creator of the most highly acclaimed and successful lottery systems used in the world today.

5. GambleNut - the gambling search engine and directory of gaming sites.
GambleNut - the gambling search engine and directory of gaming sites.

6. Hot Lotto Wizard
The Hot Lotto Wizard uses fuzzy logic to help you pick your numbers for many world lotteries. Free lottery software and databases for many of the worlds lotteries

7. IncyWincy: The Invisible Web Search Engine
Universal search features for Lottery Software.

8. Ininuga - Lotto Wheel Generator
PC program to create or minimize lotto wheels (covering designs) by Uros Boltin

9. L o t t o     D e s i g n e r
Lottery Software to help you architect a method for playing the lottery based on your criteria and restrictions.

10. Loto Excel Universal and Keno Expert, choose professional lottery softwares
Loto Excel Universal and Keno Expert, choose professional lottery softwares.

11. Lotteries,Contests,Bingo and Sweepstakes/Software Developers
1000 Casinos online gambling directory.

12. Lottery Director -- Excellence in Lottery Software
Lottery Director is Excellence -- Complete Lottery Software for Your Games -- Wheeling -- Filtering -- Prints Playslips -- See what players say!

13. Lottery Software - EZWinners Lotto 2003
EZWinners Lotto 2003 - the lottery software to pick winning lotto numbers using lottery results. Works with all 3-7 number Lotto and Lottery drawings world wide.

14. Lottery Syndicate Manager Software - LSMC makes it easy
Looking for software to manage your lottery syndicate? LSMC is Darwinian Softwares new manager that brings the fun back to playing the national lottery.

15. LotteryOptimizer guaranteed lottery software
LotteryOptimizer guaranteed lottery software providing the leverage, flexibility, and power you need to win; delivered, installed and demonstrated at your site.

16. LotteryWheels Probaloto Program
Probaloto is the Probability Lottery Program! Features all you need to play Pick 3, Pick 4 and almost all of the regular 5, 6 and 7 number lotto games.

17. Lotto Buster Lottery Software
Lottery software programs and winning number pickers to help you win your share of the lottery. Download your free lottery shareware program and bet the odds with the Lotto Buster.

18. Lotto Canada - lottery software, number results and lotto 649 resources.
Lotto Canada - lottery software, number results and lotto 649 resources.

19. Lotto Designs, wheels and free wheeling software
A formidable collection of technical papers on Lotto Designs, lottery wheels and free wheeling software

20. Lotto Pro 2003 Lottery Software
Download a free trial of our award winning lottery software, Lotto Pro 2003.

21. Lotto Tutor
Lotto Tutor provides Lotto 649 numbers, lottery tips, wheels, results, discussion forums and links.

22. LotWin
LotWin is a feature packed lottery program offering an extensive and unmatched range of tools to the serious lotto player.

23. Mystic 2000
Mystic2000 is an easy to use lottery analysis tool, which if used wisely could increase your chances of winning the National Lottery. Mystic2000 can be used to generate, analyze and organize your lottery tickets but it allows you to use your own instincts and judgement.

24. Netscape
Netscape Lottery Partners

25.! Home of Jackpot Winners on the Internet.
Lottery Software Resources

26. SoftViewer : freeware and shareware directory
Lottery Freeware and Shareware directory promotion

27. Top Value Lotto software from Lotto Hat
Lottery software Lotto Hat features filters, wheels, statistics. Download free trial. Probably the best value-for-money software

28. Toto Wizard - software for 1x2 games - totocalcio, quinela,lotofoot, lotosportif, totto, totobola
Toto Wizard is software program for toto games. Full, abbreviated and conditioned wheels. Free download.

29. VersaBet
Detailed info on our great lottery products, new releases, free updates, links to useful lotto sites, game file updates, and much more.

30. Web Wombat - The Original Australian Search Engine
Web Wombat Lotteries Resources

31. Welcome to Be a Winner with Permutation.
Voted the most informative lottery system on the internet? Permutations won millions on the football pools for years. Have your numbers mathematically arranged it will increase your chance, by 85%, every system carries a guarantee.

32. WinWareLinks.Com - Place to Find Software Product For Windows
Lotto Programs

33. WWW.COM2.CA Search Engine
Lottery Software Section - Premier pay-per-click search engine and directory featuring over 3.5 million websites organized into 500,000 unique categories.

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