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Commercial Lotto System Banned
in New Zealand !

An Australian Lotto Expert has been banned
from marketing commercial Lotto Syndicate Systems
by the New Zealand Lotto Commission.



LottoMasta Consultancy Services has been warned off further operations in New Zealand by Rudd Watts & Stone, solicitors for the New Zealand Lotteries Commission. In their letter, Rudd Watts Stone state -

“The Commission requires LottoMasta Consultancy Services to cease New Zealand syndicate operations forthwith. Should it fail to do so, the Commission will immediately effect all legal remedies at its disposal.”

So what is this Banned Lotto System that has the New Zealand Authorities so upset? Exact details are a closely guarded secret, but it is based on “The Saturday Night Special” outlined in a new book, “Winning Lotto - Secrets The Experts Don’t Want You To Know.” Amongst those experts, it seems we can now number the New Zealand Lotteries Commission.

The LottoMasta - a qualified Accountant and Management Consultant - advances the theory that a Systematic, well-organised entry that wins regular small Divisions has a better chance of cracking the big one. The “Saturday Night Special” featured in his new book has a track record of winning at least a minor Division 60% of the weeks played. The “Saturday Night Special” consists of 10 separate Systems of 12 numbers, and is the forerunner of the New Zealand Banned Lotto System. The overall plan covers all 45 numbers at least twice. Each individual System guarantees if there are 6 winning numbers in the 12, then at least 5 will be in one game.

This is organized through a mathematically precise arrangement of the 12 numbers that has a guaranteed result - a minimum of a Third Division, at around 5% of the cost of a full System.

LottoMasta point out that there are NO Lotto Systems that absolutely guarantee a profit - not even the 38,760 games in an official System 20, at a cost of $16,014 (in Australia). (LottoMasta DO design systems that guarantee a WIN, but no-one can guarantee a PROFIT).

What we do have are “Conditional” or “If” Systems, the best known of which are the System Entries run by the Lotto Commissions themselves. An official System 12 for example guarantees you will win Lotto First Division IF there are 6 winning numbers in your 12. The “5-guaranteed-from-any-6” Modified Systems in LottoMasta’s book guarantee you will win - as a minimum - Lotto Third Division IF there are 6 winning numbers in your 12.

This significant reduction in cost means you can play multiple System-Type entries! Ten entries of a Modified System 12 (The Saturday Night Special) costs $212 to play in Australia’s Saturday Gold Lotto- a reasonable figure for a Syndicate or Lotto Club. An individual, or a family, can play a single LottoMasta Modified System 12 for only $21-20 (Australia’s Saturday Gold Lotto). These easy to use Systems can be calculated manually from templates provided in “Winning Lotto - Secrets The Experts Don’t Want You To Know.”

The Banned Lotto System that has the New Zealand Lotteries Commission upset is an advanced version - a more complex, computer generated entry utilizing the basic techniques from The Saturday Night Special. It guarantees an absolute minimum of 14 winning numbers spread over 10 individual Systems, with over 20 winning numbers likely. Because New Zealand Lotto has only 40 numbers, and the entry consists of Multiple Modified System 14’s, a win of some kind is probable almost every week. However, the big win - and profitability - depend on how many of the winning numbers fall into one individual Modified System.

A similar system here in Australia (again, larger and more complex than The Saturday Night Special) has won OVER 1,500 DIVISIONS IN 60 WEEKS. This includes two Second and seven Third Divisions, with the System winning multiple divisions over 80% of the weeks played. Although this System is losing money overall, the regularity of minor wins holds great promise for the big one. The underlying principles are again those laid down in “Winning Lotto” - play all 45 numbers, play the favored ones more often, use LottoMasta Modified Systems, and ensure the entries are balanced.

The big mistake made by LottoMasta in New Zealand seems to have been its willingness to show faith in its own System. In return for a Licence Fee to run its copyright System, and on-going maintenance, reports, analysis and advice, LottoMasta asked for 1 of the 20 Shares. If the Syndicate won nothing, LottoMasta got paid nothing for the considerable development time spent designing the System. If the Syndicate Members won, they effectively paid LottoMasta a 5% commission because of the 1/20 Share. This seems to be outlawed under Rule 30 (1) (a) of the NZ Gaming and Lotteries Act.

Ironically, the same Rule 30, para 4, seems to allow LottoMasta to sell The Banned Lotto System outright to the highest bidder, not participate in the Syndicate, be paid handsomely whether the System wins or not - and yet be within the law. Strange logic indeed! To add insult to injury, the New Zealand Lotteries Commission threaten LottoMasta with the Fair Trading Act whilst using restrictive practices to outlaw trading between a willing buyer and a willing seller.

The extent of the New Zealand Lotteries Commission’s concern is evident from paragraph 3 of their letter, which states, “The Commission will not regard any tickets purchased by or on behalf of the syndicate as a valid prize winning ticket. Any ticket purchased by or on behalf of the syndicate will be deemed to be void and ineligible for any prize. These tickets may not be cancelled and will not be replaced.” Draconian indeed! The New Zealand message to its Lotto players is simple; get too organized - get banned!

However, New Zealanders can still buy “Winning Lotto - Secrets The Experts Don’t Want You To Know,” which includes chapters on - Playing the Odds, Constructing your own Systems, The Oz Lotto Buster, Combination Systems and Templates for the eleven Systems included in the book (these allow you to play your own numbers). Various strategies are also considered. The book goes on to give an example of how playing just 25 numbers in Oz Lotto for the first 100 weeks would have given you a “pool” of numbers sufficient to win a First Division on 5 occasions - and 66 Second Divisions over the 100 weeks! With only 40 numbers to choose from, small wonder the Kiwi’s are worried!

To give our readers some idea of how effective Modified Systems are - and the massive savings to be made - the following example is presented with the compliments of LottoMasta.

Pick 6 of the 9 numbers above and check how many you can find in the 8 games below. This Modified System 9 GUARANTEES a MINIMUM of 5-from-any-6-Winning-Numbers - with multiple divisions. It is just one of the top Value-for-Money Modified Systems available in “Winning Lotto.”

An Australian Oz Lotto System 9 costs $87-00 (for 84 games)-

The LottoMasta Modified System 9 below costs $8-50 (for 8 games).

(It does NOT guarantee a First Division; Five numbers together
are guaranteed, if you have all six Winning Numbers)

Nine Numbers Used:  3  7  12  17  27  28  35  36  43

3 12 17 27 35 36

3 7 12 17 27 28

3 12 27 28 35 43

3 17 27 28 36 43

3 7 27 28 35 36

7 12 17 28 35 36

3 7 17 27 35 43

3 7 12 27 36 43

Check it several times - and you’ll soon realize why it’s a “Secret The Experts Don’t Want You To Know!” At last, the average Lotto player can play System-Type entries the way the Pro’s and High Rollers do.

IMPORTANT : Check out for an even better, Multiple-Guarantee System Nine !

“Winning Lotto - Secrets The Experts Don’t Want You To Know” is suitable for any Lotto game based on six balls - WORLDWIDE - with or without Supplementaries. It is suitable for New Zealand Lotto too - unless of course the book also gets banned!

A self-confessed “numberholic,” The LottoMasta has now finished a booklet entitled “Powerball Strategies,” to cover System entries for the 5-ball game. Based on 5 number Systems, rather than 6, this promises to be even more effective. The computer program used to generate the more complex Syndicate entries offers almost 200 Modified Systems, Databases for all Australian and New Zealand Lotto games and superb analysis capabilities.


NEW - "The Banned Lotto System - A Special Report" is now Available!

In response to Customer Requests, the full system is now available. Our Special Report includes the letter* banning the System and the actual numbers used.

*IMPORTANT - If anyone tries to sell you "The Banned Lotto System" - Ask to see a copy of this letter. Several Rip-Off merchants are selling a report using the Banned Lotto System as a Marketing Tool - BUT the Report you receive does NOT have the actual system. Please Beware of these sharks!

To order your copy of "The Banned Lotto System" please use our Secure Order Service below. The cost is $45 USA.

.Price just $45 USA
(Credit Card or Paypal Accepted)

To Pay by Credit Card at 2CheckOut Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by LottoMasta International

To Pay Using Your Paypal Account

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Full 365 Days Unconditional Refund Policy -
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