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"1,000 Weeks of Lotto - What Worked, What Didn't"

Now available as a "Limited Ebook." What this means is you can read over 50% of it before deciding if it is worth buying. You can't print it - but we think you'll be convinced this is the "Must-Have" Lotto book that is going to win you more, more often. Over TWENTY YEARS of Lottery Results, analyzed to show you "What Worked, What Didn't." Completely FREE, no obligation - but be warned, you'll enjoy it so much you'll want to buy it!

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Are You REALLY Serious about Winning the Lottery ?
Download time around 30 seconds on a 56K Modem (Attachment to Lesson 1)

Looking for a Free Power Ball (or Mega Millions / Pick 5) System ?
Or a Top Ten Numbers System for Pick-6 Lotto ?
Revealed - the Sheer Power of a 10-number Lotto System that gives You First Prize if
3 of 5 Pairs are correct - In just 10 Games ! Save $200 on 210-game Full System 10!

Top Ten Lotto System and Favorite Five Power Ball System !
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Be Scared. Very Scared! Can You REALLY Play 662 Games, Using 12 Numbers, Get All Six Winning Lotto Numbers - And Not Win a Cent ?
Check out (It's a Fun read, With a Serious Message - Don't Let This Happen to You):

The Legend of Bad Luck Baz
And You'll soon Discover The Terrible Truth About NOT Playing a System!
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How Do You Get 80% of The Lottery Results - From Just 40% of
the Possible Combinations? Discover the Magic of "The Seven
Smart Play Zones" - And Watch Your Luck Explode!

Seven Smart Play Zones for Your Lottery
Download time around 30 seconds on a 56K Modem (Attachment to Lesson 3)

Want a Lotto System That Delivers Guaranteed Winning Numbers?
Choose 25 Numbers - And If You can Trap ALL Six Winning Lotto Numbers -
Then this 25-game System Absolutely Guarantees 3, 4, 5 or all 6 Winning Numbers!

25-Number Lotto System With Guaranteed Result
Download time around 40 seconds on a 56K Modem (Attachment to Lesson 4)

Power Ball Magic - The Secrets of How Power Ball, Mega Millions
& Pick-5 Lotteries Work. A Free Extract from Lessons 4 and 5.

Discover "What Works 8 Weeks out of 10" - And Even 9 weeks out of 10!

Power Ball & Mega Millions Magic for Your Lottery
Download time around 30 seconds on a 56K Modem

Power Ball Pro - Strategies for Success!

For Power Ball,  Mega Millions,  California Lottery,  Texas Lotto,  UK Thunderball, etc,  With "The Real Truth About Lottery Odds," "The Myths Surrounding Lotto Systems," 40 pages including FIVE Power Ball / Pick-5 Lottery Systems

Power Ball Pro - Strategies For Success :  Free Extract

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